COVID-19: US Journalist Aims to Build Africa-America Media Relation

By PRNingeria

Rashad McCrorey, a US-based Entrepreneur and Journalist has revealed plans to build a media relationship between Africa and Diasporan Africans in America with the establishment of a Public Relations (PR). He is currently on self-quarantine in Ghana being caught up by the lockdowns as well the travel ban being imposed in the West African and the United States respectively.

McCrorey said the focal of the company he is setting up will be to help African clients get features in America, and Americans to get features in Africa, as well as help people get high profile press for their personal brand and businesses.

The journalist during in an interview at the weekend, says he also owns a tourism company, Africa Cross-Culture, which takes black Americans to different countries in Africa, to include; Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda. McCrorey said one aim of the tourism company is to improve Africa’s economy through foreign exchange.

“I believe if black America with the backing of the American dollar and other Africans living abroad bringing their foreign currency such as the Euro and the British Pound to Africa. Africa as a whole can better utilize its natural resources to the collective benefit of all people of African descent. As an American i see other races and nationalities of people use their American dollar as leverage in their home countries.

“I believe a concerted effort with businesses entrepreneurs etc. combined with African Media outlets can build a small economy and those who chose to use the finances or recognition for the betterment of their personal lives, family and country will play a major role in history to achieve both personal and spiritual wealth,” he said.

McCrorey became the topic of COVID-19 events, as the “American who chose to self-quarantine in Ghana”.

“I arrived in Ghana 27 February 2020 for business trip. I hosted 4 Americans in Ghana for Ghana Independence Day festivities. I hosted the guest from 3 March to 9 March. When the guest returned back to America i chose to stay behind to attend additional events. However, once the coronavirus pandemic reached America and boarder closings, lock downs and travel bans began being implemented I chose to stay in Ghana and not return to America,” he said. He however noted that the Coronavirus pandemic will change the world forever

“Life will not be the same”, he said adding that some businesses will also take long to recover.

“The winners will be the ones who come out stronger. To come out stronger one has to be able to adjust and take advantage of new trends, creates trends, and or let go of old ways that are no longer relevant or the value has diminished.

“I guess even with me being a tour operator i have to understand that even though my personal brand is stronger, International tourism as a whole will take a long time to recover and even when we do recover things will be dramatically different.

I have to identify those trends and capitalize on them inorder to survive. Which trends will you take advantage of or will you drown holding on to old beliefs systems”, McCrorey said.

Read more at: PRN

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