Private sector catalyst for growth, says new USA envoy to Malawi

New United States of America (USA) Ambassador to Malawi, Robert Scott said private sector is the engine of growth for every country as such the US government would put emphasis in the promotion of the sector.

He said this at Sanjika palace in Blantyre after presenting his letters of credence to President Peter Mutharika.

“Private sector remains key driver of economy in any country including Malawi. The country’s economy can only grow further if the private sector takes a leading role hence our interest in that sector,” he said.

Scott applauded Malawi for being a country that is about to become an epidemic control centre for new infections of HIV and AIDS and has since assured President Mutharika of total support in the area of health.

“The US government supports Malawi with approximately US$200 million every year in the area of health. We are proud that our support is bearing fruits. Let me say that above all, the US will continue supporting democratic as well as social economic development of this country,” he said.

Scott who is very familiar with Africa after staying in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and other countries in the continent said the US will continue supporting Malawi areas of security describing the country as net security exporter in countries like DRC.

“We have peace trainers in Malawi and currently US has 130 peace volunteers countrywide. I have been in the country for three weeks now and am already convinced that it is really the warm heart of Africa,” he added.

Scott has taken over from Virginia Palmer.

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