US Ambassador launches new women’s cancer unit at HopeXchange

The U.S. Ambassador has launched the new Women’s Cancer Center, including a new Clinical Pathology Laboratory and Surgical Suite at the HopeXchange Medical Center in Kumasi.

Stephanie S. Sullivan lauded the combined efforts of all partners in successfully launching the new Center.

“Deaths from breast and cervical cancers can be avoided if the disease is caught early. HopeXchange will improve early screening through community-based advocacy programs that raise public awareness, reduce stigma, and empower women and girls to seek preventative and curative cancer care.

Cancer center 2“I am confident that by working hand-in-hand with the government, leading universities, the private sector, and communities, together we will continue to make a difference in saving women’s lives and chart a bright and healthy future for all Ghanaians,” she said.

he HopeXchange Medical Center is a modern specialist hospital, research centre, and medical training facility which were largely funded by the Americans through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

It was specifically designed to serve as a regional hub for medical training, research, and patient care to address public health priorities in sub-Saharan Africa, with particular expertise in maternal-child health, infectious diseases (including HIV and malaria), ophthalmology, and cancer.

The Center is a unique broadly collaborative effort among the United States Government, Ghana’s Ministry of Health, Ghana Health Service, Ghana Mission Foundation of Malta, the Catholic Church of Ghana, Yale University, HopeXchange Foundation, NGOs, and some of the world’s foremost academic and medical institutions from around the globe.

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